Councilmember Expresses Concern About Marfa's Festival Identity

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This Cut-and-Copy was reported for Marfa Public Radio

Highland Street during a previous year's Marfa Lights Festival (Flickr/Christopher Rose)

At last night’s city council meeting, Marfa Councilmember Josie Simpson reserved an agenda item to comment on the city’s many events and festivals. Specifically taking issue with the tourists that these events attract. Simpson cited the recent Marfa Film Festival -- where she says she noticed excess trash in the streets and found someone passed out near her house.

"All I’m asking, for these people that come and do their fiestas or whatever they do here, to have some respect for the citizens of Marfa."

She worries that tourists arrive in Marfa with certain expectations.

"I read on the Marfalist where people who come to Marfa, you can do whatever you want to whenever you want to. I am very concerned what this might lead to."

Councilmember Simpson also suggested that event organizers waste the time of the city by making request that don’t materialize --  like hanging banners and temporarily closing streets. Simpson did not offer any specific suggestions or recommendations, and the other Councilmembers who were present did not respond to her comments.